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Personal Development Essentials

Sep 2, 2019


I have the real pleasure to be speaking with Jamie Keeling, an entrepreneur, business coaching consultant, and fellow podcaster, who likes to kick people in the head!

We talk about Jamie's story and turning point, about the gold medal he got in the Tae Kwon Do world championships and why he thinks it means nothing. Jamie in his unique way describes why we can never "reach" success as such. He talks about being a father of 6, Stoic philosophy, and how "memento mori" helped him with decisions in life.

Jamie also shares his thoughts about the power of language, and why he swears as much as he does - strategically, with effect, with a point.

This was an epic 2.5 hour interview - Jamie has tremendous energy to share his knowledge and thoughts. This episode is the first half of it - check out next episode for the rest of it!

A fascinating conversation, hope you enjoy and find it valuable!




"I don't have to swear to eloquently get my point across - it's a choice. I use it for effect - the 'f-bomb' is caustic, grabs people's minds."

- Jamie Keeling



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