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Personal Development Essentials

Sep 4, 2021

3 years celebratory episode!

Agi & Paul return with a celebratory episode - 3 years ago today we launched this podcast!

We discuss:

  • The rookies who followed their enthusiasm
  • Principles, routines, rituals
  • Vision, ideal, compelling future
  • What the future holds 


“Our contribution to the world is the perfection of our...

Apr 14, 2021

Limiting beliefs revisited

Agi & Paul revisit this popular topic and one of their all-time favourites. Our limiting beliefs!

  • Truth vs Assumptions
  • Don't believe a thought you think!
  • Our story of limitation
  • Breaking free from limiting beliefs


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.”

Jan 26, 2021

Focus = superpower

Distraction = opium for the masses.

Notifications + screen time.

The philosophical and the practical aspects.



Dec 19, 2020

Crafting a covid comeback in 2021 (part 1)


  • Honest self-assessment: where we are in the 7 key areas of life
  • "Without a vision people perish"
  • To be continued...


“A comeback is a setback that did its homework, learned the lesson, and then moved forward.”
― Eleanor Brown


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Nov 14, 2020

Whether you're just starting out in personal development or you've been into it for a while, whether you're a business owner, a startup, a busy mom/dad, or someone who'd like to have more confidence and be able to express yourself authentically...

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